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It's okay to reach out after experiencing sexual violence.

The Conversation Packet

This conversation packet was created to help people who have experienced any type of sexual violence share their story with the people in their life. The packet's format and contents aim to help people worry less about what to say or how to how to go about having these difficult conversations and focusing more on connecting with others and doing what they need to move forward in their journey. 

Not everyone wants to share their story or to go about these conversations in this structured way. However, we hope those who do choose to use this packet find it to be a helpful tool in breaking their silence and finding the support and healing that they need.

Help us get the word out.

Email Templates | Social Media Graphics | Message Templates

Email Templates

Pre-made email templates that you can send to schools, companies, media outlets, or organizations to encourage them to share this resource with their audience or community.

Social Media Graphics

Simple pre-made graphics that you can post on social media to let people know about this resource.

Message Templates

Direct/private message templates that you can send to people that you think would want to help share this resource with their audience or community.

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