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Digital Version

All versions of the conversation packet contain exactly the same information and questions, though the format and and some exact wording may differ slightly.

Please feel free to use whichever version is easiest, most convenient, and/or most comfortable for you. You may go back to the homepage or use the menu to find the physical versions if the digital versions are not the best for you.

Slide Deck (PowerPoint / Google Slides)

The slide deck is recommended for those who plan to use the share-screen function to go through the conversation packet over a video conferencing service (like Zoom or Messenger video calls).

In the slide deck, each slide is either text to read, questions, or a mix of both.

Instructions on customizing the slide deck depending on what questions you're comfortable with are part of the instructions listed on the slide deck itself.

Please click the button on the left to download the PowerPoint version or the button on the right to access the Google Slides version and download or share the slide deck from there.

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