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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use this conversation packet?

Anyone who believes that they have experienced sexual violence, whether in a small way or in huge, unimaginable ways. 

What "counts" as sexual violence?

[Based on RAINN's definition of sexual violence] We use "sexual violence" as a blanket term that refers to events like (*but not limited to) sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and rape without many of the more complicated or intimidating legal implications. By using this broader term, we seek to be as inclusive as possible to people with a range of different experiences, including those who may not want to assign any particular label to their experience. It also pulls the focus to the person's experience and journey rather than to legal implications, societal expectations, or any other boxes that might make it more difficult or complicated to share your story.

If this term does not resonate with you or you have any feedback regarding the language used on this site and on the conversation packet, don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts through our Contact Form and please feel completely free to use whatever term you most identify with (or no term at all!).    

What's the difference between the printable and digital versions?

All versions contain the same text, except for some of the instructions (e.g. move from left to right, click this button at this point, etc.) relating to the format. Besides that, all of the quotes, text, and questions are the same across every version.

The main difference is the format. Printable versions can be printed onto paper and are recommended for those who want a physical copy of the conversation packet and have access to a printer or printing service. Digital versions are designed to be read straight off a screen (television, phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) and are recommended for those who want to have the packet saved onto their device or shareable for virtual conversations such as video calls. 

By having these different formats available, we seek to make this tool accessible to and comfortable for as many people as possible. If there is a format that is not yet available but would be helpful to certain people, please let us know through our Contact Form and we will work on it as soon as possible. 

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